Accommodating special diets at Kroka

As you know, food is central to having a great experience of community life and outdoor adventure expeditions. we work incredibly hard to provide balanced healthy meals that are appealing and nutritious to students. We put a huge amount of extra effort into finding local, organic, sustainably produced food items.

A growing number of our students are coming to Kroka with special dietary needs, stemming from allergies, intolerances, religious practices, or personal choices. We have always done our best to acommodate these needs, but please remember that we are working with limited resources in a very challenging environment:

Imagine a group of hungry hikers or paddlers that have been traveling all day in the cold rain. They arrive to their campsite just before dark. Our instructors need to set up tents and tarps, get all of the students into warm and dry clothing, collect firewood and build a fire, and begin cooking a warm and delicious meal. But — oh dear! They need to remember and prepare simultaneously to acommodate a mixture of students with special diets: gluten-free, lactose intolerant, peanut allergy, vegan, and a kosher student! This would tax even a professional cook working in a modern restaurant kitchen, but imagine tired teachers working in the dark by headlamp in the cold rain using only three pots over a smoky sputtering fire!


If you or your child has a special diet that we will need to accomodate at Kroka, please clarify for us if this request based on:

  • personal or spiritual choice (there may be an emotional reaction, but likely no physical reaction to this food)
  • health preference / mild allergy (consuming the wrong food occasionally triggers discomfort or mild irritation)
  • health risk / allergy (consuming this food always results in illness)
  • life threatening severe allergy (proximity or exposure is immediately life threatening)

Please see the following guidelines about what we CAN or CANNOT do:

Type of Trip What we can do (with advance notice): What we cannot do:

Warm-weather programs:

2-14 days in length, May – September

We can have a vegetarian option at all meals to accommodate students following a vegetariandiet (note: the same pots are used for vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking).

For gluten-free students, we can cook a gluten-free alternative with student assistance using ingredients brought by the student

Students following a low-dairy diet can choose to not drink milk, limit cheese, and avoid ice-cream

We can provide nut-free snacks and meal options.

We can support students on vegan diet. (They will need to provide their own high-protein vegan snacks and meal supplements)

* See note below about bringing supplemental food from home

We cannot guarantee a 100% contaminant free kitchen (nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.).

We are not able to serve a strict kosher diet.

For students with strict special dietary needs, please contact us as soon as possible. We have been able to successfully accommodate many students through a combination of parent-provided supplemental food supplies and additional trip leaders.

Long Expeditions
(15 days or longer)
Cold Weather
(October through April)
Semester programs*
International programs**

We can work with students who have a vegetarian preference*

We can work with students who have mild nut-allergies (students may choose to avoid nuts when they are served)

We can work with students who prefer a low-gluten diet (students may choose to avoid high-gluten snacks and meals)

We can work with students who prefer a low-dairy diet (students can choose to not drink milk, limit cheese, and avoid ice-cream)

*Semester programs: During the cold time of the year calories and protein from animal products are essential for survival. Accommodating individual preferences is not an option due to the rigor of expedition life and the demands of the environment, however students may choose to avoid meat by picking it out of their meals.

**On international programs, out of respect for the local culture we do not accommodate individual preferences.

We cannot guarantee a 100% contaminant free kitchen (nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.),or provide a fully allergen-free menu for all students during the entire program

We are not able to accommodate strict vegan or strict vegetarian diets

We are not able to serve a strict kosher diet

Note: If you are considering not coming to Kroka due to dietary restrictions, please call us to speak with us. The experience of a Kroka program (a vigorous outdoor lifestyle, a healthy positive social community, and very high-quality local and organic food) have allowed many many students to overcome a history of allergies and dietary issues.
BRINGING SUPPLEMENTAL FOOD FROM HOME ** note: this is only an option for REGULAR MENU programs
GLUTEN Please bring one gluten-free snack for each day of the program.
Please bring three packages of a gluten-free pasta for each week of the program.
VEGAN Please bring one vegan snack for each day of the program.
Please bring three packages of your preferred vegan protein sources (such as non-dairy cheese, tofu hot dogs, etc.) for each week of the program.