2019 Roaring Canyons Semester

Roaring Canyons Semester:
A 700-kilometer journey through
the heart of the American Southwest

Joinus on the 2019 Roaring Canyons Semester: a 700-kilometer canoe expedition through the heart of the American Southwest. In our decked whitewater canoes, we will retrace the steps of John Wesley Powell’s legendary expeditions through the canyons of Colorado and Utah’s Green River to its famed confluence with the Colorado River. From the mysterious past of Anasazi to the adventures of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, this is a one-of-a-kind historical journey for those ready for the longest wilderness expedition of their lives. You will become part of Kroka’s expedition community: a diverse group of twelve young adults led by Kroka’s senior paddling instructor Miron Golfman, living and breathing a life of adventure and discovery. You will live through the fall season in a red-rock country of unparalleled, rugged beauty.


As we wind through the canyons of the desert Southwest, students will become competent white water paddlers and have the opportunity to canoe some of America’s most famous rapids. Along the way we will study the fragile hydrological balance of Colorado river basin, witness the struggle between the ecology and the economy and add our voice towards the sustainable future of the region through service work and social activism. Our journey will culminate with a descent of the turbulent Cataract Canyon which empties into Lake Powell.

As the red-rock canyons and sandstone buttes become our home, we will find balance by climbing vertical rock faces, and descend through intricate slot canyons. Students will develop skills in rock climbing and technical canyoneering.

“I could feel the wind strongly blowing through my hair and the sturdy sandstone at my feet and I realized how small I was in the world but also how I could make a big difference.” -Student