Sample Rock Climbing Day Program

Goat Rock Climbing Day
Grades 3 and Up

Jenner, CA

Where the Russian River meets the great Pacific Ocean, Goat Rock in Jenner, CA not only provides wonderful rock climbing opportunities, but is also a biodiversity hotspot. With sweeping views of rock archways, pelicans, cormorants, and oyster catchers flying by, and the sound of wind and waves, Goat Rock is a truly magical place. Here we will come together for an invigorating day of rock climbing, tide pooling, and community building.

We will begin our day learning about rope systems, how to belay, climbing techniques, and important safety protocols. From there we will break into small groups so that all students are engaged as they put what they have just learned into practice. Climbs will vary in difficulty to meet and challenge students to push just beyond their comfort zone. They will walk away from the day feeling proud of themselves and their classmates. Before the day is done we will wander down towards the ocean to see what mysteries there are to uncover and celebrate the beauty of the California coast.

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