Sample California Expedition Trinity River

Trinity River Expedition

Grades 8-12
Trinity River, CA

Flowing out of the rugged Trinity Alps, the Trinity River is the largest tributary of the great Klamath River, merging just before a final push all the way to the sea. The Trinity River Valley is the current and ancestral home of the Hoopa and Yurok Tribes, as well as that of the salmon, who still return to the river for spring and fall runs. A National Wild and Scenic River, the Trinity is rich with many other non-human inhabitants as well – bear, mountain lion, coyote, fox, elk, river otter, bald eagle, and more. While weaving through beautiful coniferous and hardwood forests, Kroka students learn to read the sacred water, navigate the river’s rapids, and gather around the fire each night to reflect on the day.

Our Trinity River journey begins at our Redwood Valley basecamp located at the homestead of Kroka’s dear friends Luke and Emily Frey in Mendocino County. In 2017, the fall wildfires raged through the property, burning much of the farm infrastructure and personal homes. Along with this devastation however has come incredible resilience and new growth within the community and landscape alike. Here, we will do service work and prepare for our expedition, after which we will drive north through scenic country to the Trinity River, where we launch our canoes and head downstream.

Day 1 You will arrive to our Redwood Valley basecamp at 12:00pm, where you will meet your Kroka Instructors. After lunch we will set up our tents and turn our attention to service projects and expedition preparations for the afternoon.
Day 2 Up early, we will drive 3.5 hours to Willow Creek, CA on the Trinity River where we will begin our expedition.
Day 3-6 Life on the river! Each day will be spent paddling downstream and experiencing what is around each bend. We will practice our paddling strokes, learn to read the river, revel in the beauty of our surroundings, swim, and make beautiful wilderness homes each night.
Day 7 Our journey will come to a close as we ride the waters of the Trinity into those of the Klamath River. Here we will clean and de-issue our gear before gathering in circle to hold a final reflection and say our goodbyes. You will then drive back to your school.

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