How to choose a program

Choosing a School or Group Program

1. Basecamp Programs
Basecamp programs are suitable for any grades, and can range from 3-7 days in length. Students stay in “Kroka Village” and begin each day with work on the farm and meaningful projects that keep campus working. Days are spent learning adventure sports and practicing teamwork through rock climbing, canoeing, whitewater rafting, orienteering, service projects, and crafts. For programs more than 4 days in length, basecamp programs culminate in a “mini-expedition” or rite of passage activity.

2. Expedition Programs
Expedition programs begin and end at the basecamp where students spend a day preparing food and equipment for the journey. From here, we travel to wilderness areas where we embark on 4-8 day self-propelled journeys by canoe, backpack, and bicycle. Students learn the rhythm of expedition travel and camp set-up. At the end of the journey, the group returns to the basecamp for a celebratory dinner and conclusion.

3. Curriculum-Integrated Programs
Many classes come to Kroka to accomplish specific curriculum goals including geology, ecology, history, or literature. Curriculum programs take many forms and often include some time at the basecamp and some time on expedition. Curriculum elements are taught either by class teacher or Kroka staff.

Choose Your Own Adventure…

Our programs are fully customized to meet the goals and desires of each class. We start with a pre-existing itinerary that forms the foundation for successful program. Working in collaboration with the class teacher and the school, we adapt the itinerary to form a unique program suited for your students. We take many things into consideration, including:

Group Size
Our base camp can accommodate groups of up to 50 students. Wilderness expeditions require smaller group sizes in order to maintain the integrity of the experience. The size of the group may affect which itinerary we recommend. For most expedition programs, our maximum group size is 16 students; however we can accommodate larger classes by splitting into smaller groups for expedition travel.

Length Of Your Trip
Program lengths vary based on trip themes, locations, and student ages. The depth of student experience is proportional to program length. As students settle into the rhythm of an expedition, they move beyond the initial discomfort of a new experience and become comfortable with a simple way of life. Programs for elementary students range from 3-6 days. Middle and high school students can be successful on longer expeditions. We recommend 3-5 days for basecamp programs, and 7-10 days for expedition programs.

Best Time To Travel
Fall trips start off the school year with a critical community-building experience. September and October are the BEST time of year to travel in New England. The second half of October and November find us in the Southern and Southwestern United States. Winter trips in February and March bring relief from cabin fever, and spice up the middle of the year. Spring trips celebrate the end of a year together as a class community. Often a program location restricts the time of year available for scheduling.

We offer programs throughout the United States, Eastern Canada, and Ecuador. Programs in New England begin and end at Kroka Village in Marlow, NH. Programs in California are based out of our West Coast basecamp in Redwood Valley. Ecuador programs begin and end at our sister school, Nahual Expediciones, just outside of Quito, Ecuador. Trips in the greater United States and Eastern Canada meet at the program location.

Kroka’s expeditions happen in all weather conditions. Students learn to anticipate the weather through daily observation. We welcome rain, snow, sun, and wind, and recognize that these are the realities of wilderness travel. Sometimes we change our plans due to the early onset of black fly season or high water. However, we find that it is often the trips that happen during the rainiest and coldest weeks of the year that end up being the most meaningful experiences.

Our calendar is often full a year in advance! We may fit your group in on shorter notice as the schedule permits. If you are considering a class trip, contact us as soon as possible to discuss availability.

Pricing and payment
Prices are based on a minimum of 10 students participating plus one adult included for every 10 students. Prices vary based on the program location, size of the group, and length of the expedition. Please contact us for specific program prices. If needed, we are happy to work with your school to develop a payment plan that makes our programs affordable for your school. Scholarships may be available for schools that are not able to raise the funds for a Kroka program.

A deposit is required to reserve a program. If you are scheduling more than 6 months in advance we request a deposit of 10%. A 50% deposit is due 6 months from your program start date and the remaining balance is due one month prior to the trip.

Plan ahead
The first step in planning your program is to make sure that there is a good fit between the needs of your class and what Kroka can offer. To ensure that our values align, please read our Safety page and handbook. Once you have familiarized yourself with what we do, it is best to have a phone conversation between the class teacher and a member of our staff. Once initial contact has been made, we will begin work together on creating a custom program for your class.

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