November 20, 2018

Dear Kroka Family,

Life at Kroka is about creating home.

When we travel into the wilderness, we are not tourists or survivalists; rather we seek to dwell and thrive. Each evening we set our tents, collect firewood and water, and circle for a warm meal. Through this creation of home, a group of young strangers transform into a vibrant community – deeply connected to the natural world and to one another.

For many people and our planet, we acknowledge that home-making is threatened by extinction, exclusion and alienation. We can counteract these injustices by cultivating authentic community and connection to the earth. This is the heart of the work we do at Kroka, as we support our youth to navigate and flourish in these challenging times.
Towards these goals, some of our 2018 successes we wish to celebrate with you are:

  • We welcomed 340 students during the summer of 2018, doubling the percentage of students who come to us from diverse backgrounds (from 6% to 12%). Thanks in part to the $65K raised through our annual appeal in 2017, 50% of our families received financial aid through our scholarships and sliding scale tuition.
  • An alumni-inspired initiative with St. Mary’s Parish Youth Ministry in Lawrence, MA created a weekly nature connection program for students from historically underserved neighborhoods who had previously never ventured into the woods.
  • We deepened our work with native peoples in Maine and Canada in summer 2018. Penobscot Expedition students paddled and studied with tribal leaders and camped in Penobscot Nation land. Canadian Expedition students experienced the effects of modern colonialism while staying with the Cree Nation of Waskaganish.
  • This fall, a group of Rutgers University students representing 3 continents came to Kroka by train for a Sustainability Intensive. While building a pole lodge out of hemlock harvested from the Kroka forest, students shared their family stories: spanning the world from India, Bangladesh, Peru, Argentina, Nigeria and China.
  • Looking towards 2019, our newly envisioned “Arctic to Manhattan” semester program will take students from the heart of the Northern Wilderness to the soul of American civilization, culminating in a week of social justice and service work in NY city.

We intend to continue pushing forward with each of these initiatives, engaging our hearts and our hands to their fullest capacity. To do so will require $70,000 with this annual appeal. I invite you to join us now by making your gift here:


With love and gratitude from all of us at Kroka,