Choosing Summer Programs


Questions about a Program?
We always welcome your questions by phone (603) 835-9087, or email We would be happy to connect you with families of recent students who have agreed to be contacted as references. Please feel welcome to call or email to request our reference list.
Student Desire and Motivation
Kroka programs are for any student who truly wants to come. As parents, we all want the best for our children, however, it is important that students want to be at Kroka. It has been our experience that students who come because “my parents told me to,” generally do not enjoy themselves. Please make sure that your child has a genuine interest in Kroka and the activities we do. We want camp to be fun for everyone!
Changes in Programming
While we do our best to give an accurate description of program details in our brochure and acceptance packet, there are often last-minute changes that require us to be flexible in our programming. Due to changes in weather, staffing, or group composition we may have to alter our itineraries, activities and teaching staff. We ask that families and students be flexible and understanding.
Length of Program
Students are expected to attend the entire program through the closing ceremony on the last day of camp. Please make sure that your travel plans allow for this.
How many programs should a student attend during a single summer?
The majority of our students come for one or two programs each summer. If you are considering more than one program, please contact us for suggestions on which combinations will work best and to arrange your stay between sessions.
Admission to Capstone Programs
Capstone Expeditions offer opportunities for returning Kroka students to learn advanced technical skills and travel in remote wilderness. These programs are offered for returning Kroka students and alumni. Admission is by application only, and participation requires significant pre-program engagement and preparation.