2018 Winter Semester Program

PART III: Crafts Block at Koviashuvik

The time will come to say goodbye to snow covered mountains, ptarmigan, caribou and wolves and head south across the border into Maine. While the winter and spring are disputing their dominance over the region, we will craft brown ash pack baskets in the shelter of a traditional skills workshop at Koviashuvik Local Living School.


PART IV: Spring Expedition

Finally, a five-week long spring expedition encompasses the entire length of Vermont as well as another brief detour into Canada. It begins soon after the ice out, at the end of April. From our northern basecamp at Northwoods Stewardship Center, we canoe down the Clyde River into Lake Memphremagog, portage into the Missisquoi watershed and descend all the way down to Lake Champlain. Here we change our mode of transportation to traditional “pilot gig” wooden boats and row 100 kilometers down the length of the lake. We complete the last section of our journey by mountain bike, traveling from New York to New Hampshire over the Taconic and Green Mountains through a maze of outstanding mountain trails. For much of the biking expedition we camp on small sustainable farms, helping during the busy spring planting season.


PART V: Back at Base Camp

Back at Kroka at the end of May, we put all of the lessons from the wilderness to test in a week of small group projects, combining newly learned skills to make a real life contribution to the local community. The semester culminates with a theatrical performance that reflects on this incredible 5-month journey.

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