Ocean Odyssey for Young Women

Let us embark on a journey of the soul, the heart, and the body. This is an odyssey that traverses 100 miles of coastal waters along the picturesque Gulf of Maine from Belfast to Blue Hill Harbor. Along the way we will pass Deer Island and Isle au Haut as we paddle towards Mount Desert Island. We will travel as a community of young women full of questions and wonders about the world around us. Before leaving for expedition students will craft wooden paddles and handmade journals for the journey ahead. Our sea faring fleet will consist of tandem ocean kayaks and student-made voyager canoes. When the wind is with us, we will sail. We will learn to navigate with map and compass through the complexity of tides, currents, fog, and spruce-covered rocky islands. We will feast on wild foods, gather seaweed, dig for clams, and fish for mackerel. Ocean treasures will form in our hands as we carve wood and gather basket materials from the tidal line. With reflection and observation our understanding of Marine Ecology will deepen and our skills of writing, painting, and singing will expand. Other skills will include knot making, reading weather, fire by friction, and building simple shelters in the wilderness. At the end of our journey we will have completed a comprehensive expedition journal full of poetry, songs, and artwork for each member to take home. This expedition is a sequel to Wild Girls or for young women who have completed multiple Kroka trips and are looking for a longer expedition.
Sunday Aug 02, 2015 - Saturday Aug 22, 2015
15 - 18
Girls Only

Tuition Level A:
suggested family household income $80,000+, represents the full cost of running this program, including planning, administration, registration, and equipment maintenance and repair
Tuition Level B:
suggested family household income $50,000-$80,000, represents the hard and soft costs of running this program, including guest teachers, travel and lodging, and logistical support.
Tuition Level C:
suggested family household income up to $50,000, represents only the most tangible costs of running the program: direct staff time, food, supplies, travel, and equipment.

For more information:
Call us at: 603-835-9087
or email us at summer@kroka.org