2015 Vermont Semester

Join a community of outstanding young people on an expedition of a lifetime – a 600-mile circumnavigation of Vermont by backcountry ski, white water canoe, rowboat and mountain bike! By living outdoors through the winter into the spring and summer you will begin feeling the lasting connection with the living Earth. Carving skis through powder, canoeing fast river currents, pulling oars against the swells and skirting narrow mountain paths by bike you will learn adventure sports for a lifetime of exciting exploration. Working under the mentorship of expert guides and woodsmen you will practice wilderness living skills, largely forgotten by modern civilization. Living in a close-knit community of peers you will develop strong community ethics and leadership skills. You will become physically stronger, mature emotionally, and sharpen your observation abilities. You will acquire practical tools for sustainable living. You will receive high school credit in the areas of English, Social Studies, Natural Science, Math, Art and Physical Education. You will return with a stronger sense of self, prepared and excited to make a positive contribution to the world.
Monday Jan 19, 2015 - Saturday Jun 13, 2015
16 - 18
Young Adults

Tuition Level A:
suggested family household income $80,000+, represents the full cost of running this program, including planning, administration, registration, and equipment maintenance and repair
Tuition Level B:
suggested family household income $50,000-$80,000, represents the hard and soft costs of running this program, including guest teachers, travel and lodging, and logistical support.
Tuition Level C:
suggested family household income up to $50,000, represents only the most tangible costs of running the program: direct staff time, food, supplies, travel, and equipment.

(materials, equipment, and other fees)

For more information:
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