What parents & students have said to us about their Kroka experience:

Cliff Jump

"The Program Start was very reassuring. It was a rare mixture of being casual and welcoming and yet there was absolutely nothing left to chance. Everything was so well organized and structured in a thoughtful way." Wild Crafts Parent

"The community spirit at Kroka always leaves me with a feeling of longing for nature and community and love. My children and I find ourselves singing the songs from the Kroka experience and they fill the atmosphere with lightheartedness and joy. Everyone in the program seems to begin as separate beings United for a common cause, and end as friends with deep respect for how far each child has grown." Caves, Cliffs, and Waterfalls Parent

"The program was close to perfect. Personally it was exactly what I needed, after going on the trip I'm the happiest I've ever been and I account that all to my experiences at Kroka. It had all the right pieces to make for a great expedition." Expedition Katahdin Student

"We all love our overall experience with Kroka. It is nice as a parent to be so included in the sending off and receiving of our kids. It really makes Kroka so much more than a summer camp. When our children return from camp they always come home changed. More aware and mindful of their environment." Wilderness Adventures for Girls Parent

“The daily activities of helping on the farm, carrying water, and also of seeing what it means to live lightly on the land have made a big impression on [my son]… We as a family have been enriched by being part of your community.” Wild Crafts Parent

"Kroka has moved into a piece of our daughter's heart, and I think will always remain there. What has been most special to see since she has come home this year is a deep sense of empowerment. She was challenged to her limits (by nature) and grew to see her strength. She was held by the grounded strength, genuine acceptance, and joyful exuberance of her instructors. Through this experience my daughter has come to see that she is an integral part of something great." Keepers of the Flame Parent

“I think the most valuable aspect to Kroka camp is the whole experience. What I enjoy seeing in my son when he comes home from camp, is not his paddling expertise (although that's great) it is his satisfaction of self. He has grown socially, physically and spiritually. I can only attribute that to the ‘process’ and the respect that the Kroka staff and campers give to the whole experience.”River Rascals Parent

"I have to admit that he doesn't related a great amount of detail. If this year is like past years, we will hear more stories of his experience throughout the year rather than hear much reported out to us upon his return. It is when on a hike, or sitting by the river, or pausing at the top of a ski mountain, that the meaning and impact of his summer at Kroka comes out. And at each of those moments, I thank you all for helping him develop this deeply personal attachment to the outdoors, and nurturing his capacity for self-reflection and empathy." Expedition Katahdin Parent

"Our daughters have attended a few different camps and I was struck by the thoughtful experience of gathering, celebrating, sharing of food, and learning about the camp program. It was a very generous and warm experience for families and striking in the way that it engaged the community allowing groups to share their experiences." Lost Tribe of the Ashuelot Parent


"I think my daughter will forever remember her first experience at sleep away camp as a resounding triumph, with a proud, happy smile on her face. The rock climbing, canoeing and swims were big for her, but equally as important were the friendships she forged with her fellow campers, the morning chores, and the quiet conversations she shared with her counselors." Introduction to Adventure Parent

"I loved the closeness between the girls that we observed when they came back. They seemed to have really discovered each other, and acknowledged strength and accepted weaknesses. The wilderness adventure was all I'd hoped it would be. It was challenging but not overly so. It gave my daughter a chance to stretch herself and be uncomfortable and wet and sore, and still be okay. She matured a great deal during that one week and I've noticed that she is still able to draw from the experiences she had during the camp, in her day to day living." Wilderness Adventures for Girls Parent

"At the end of my son’s first summer program, I found a young boy at peace with himself. In the following years this trend continued. We are lucky enough to live in the country and to be able to experience nature’s wonders right out of our front door, but life has a way of blocking the view. Kroka has the gift of being able to remind us to see the beauty in the world in which we live in." Treasure Island Parent