Koviashuvik Family Sustainability Stay in Temple Maine:
a custom fit three-day educational vacation for one or two families at a time.

If you and your family have an interest in simplifying life, providing for some of your basic needs, or living more sustainably, this is a great place to start! And if you like nature-based activities, eating great food, and having a relaxing, catered camping experience, this is a great vacation. For three days you will enter into a ready-made sustainable living system where we will work with you each day on skills of your choice. You may weave a basket, build a rocket stove, or make your first batch of sauerkraut. Your kids might make bows and arrows, start a fire with friction, or twist some tree bark into string. Every Family Stay program includes: harvesting food from the garden, cooking over a fire, grinding flour and baking bread, using a composting toilet and enjoying a solar shower. There will also be time to explore local hiking options, swimming holes, and to just “be” as a family. Through it all, you and we, as parents, will find time to share about the joys and challenges of parenting, offer support, and discuss the implications of integrating more simple-life skills into daily life.