The Summer Program Enrollment Process:

Read about our upcoming summer programs
Questions? Please don't hestitate to call us at 603-835-9087
You can also register Online! 1. Registration
We accept registrations via phone or website on a first-come first-served basis. If a program is full, we will advise you on other options, and on rare occasions we maintain a short waiting list.
A financial deposit is required in order to reserve your place in the program. Mailing us a check saves on our bank fees (thank you!), but we are happy to accept your credit card as well. If you applied online, we will email you payment instructions as soon as we confirm eligibility and placement within a program.
New Students
may be asked to answer a few questions to let us know about you and your interest in Kroka.
2. Acceptance:
Once we have received your online application or inquiry, we will contact you via telephone or email. We may ask you a few questions to confirm that the program is appropriate for you. If you applied online, you will receive an email with a link to pay with a credit card. Once we have received your payment, we will email you an official acceptance message. If you have financial concerns about paying for Kroka, please click here for information about Kroka's sliding scale tuition and scholarship programs.
At the appropriate time, we will email you a link to our online agreement form, which includes a liability release and medical/emergency information.
A packing list will be emailed to you as soon as it is ready. Until then, please read our general packing guidelines found here.
Telephone Call
Your specific program teacher will call your household to introduce themselves and answer any last-minute questions. You should expect this call 3-5 days prior to the program start.
3. Preparation:
Once you have been accepted into the program please download and complete the paperwork packet (or medical form for returning students). Note that if you are applying after MAY 1st, you must submit paperwork and begin preparation immediately!

At last: Coming to Kroka!
An email with specific instructions for the program start day logistics will be sent to you with your packing list as well as 5-6 days prior to your program.

What will happen when I arrive at Kroka?
1. Park your car! One of our staff members will help guide you.

2. Check-in at the registration table in the farmhouse barn. (10:30 AM – 11:30 AM) (This will include a review of your paperwork, a lice check, t-shirt sizing, and the opportunity to purchase or borrow any missing gear).

3. Bring your child, her/his gear, and your potluck food down to the student village.

4. Join us for the Opening Circle and Potluck Meal (promptly at 12:00 Noon) which will include all of the families from all the other programs that will begin on that day.

5. Attend the Parent Meeting (1:00 PM). Families will meet with their specific program group to learn about their child’s program and have time to ask questions.

6. Pick up your potluck dishes (they will have been washed for you!)

7. Goodbyes and departure!

If you'd like to plan in advance, click here for travel or lodging information.

4. Arrival:

You should plan to arrive at 11:30 AM (and no later than 11:45). After parking your car, please gather at the farmhouse and enjoy some lemonade while awaiting your child(ren), who will be expecting to meet you promptly at noon. Note that there is NO potluck meal at the program closing. Once the children have come to greet us, we will then walk together down to the village for a presentation from the group. Please do not arrive late, as it is very disappointing for the children if their parents are not able to greet them. You should expect to depart around 2:00 PM.

5. Pick-up:
Important Policies

ADMISSIONS:If a program is full, we will try to work with you to suggest an alternative, and we sometimes do maintain a waiting list. In some cases if we cannot offer you a position we may offer you an early admission into a subsequent program. On rare occasions we reserve the right to give preference to some students over others based upon the needs of the group – for example to ensure the right combination of age, gender, and ability for a successful student community.

CANCELLATION POLICY: We will refund full tuition (less a $100 administrative fee) for any cancellations that occur prior to May 1st. As of May 1st, all tuition payments are non-refundable. In some cases (such as cancellation due to unexpected injury) tuition may be credited toward the following year.

REFUNDS: There are no refunds issued for students dismissed from the program due to illness or disciplinary reasons, or for students who choose to withdraw early from the program already in session. If a student must leave due to an injury incurred while on the program, a prorated portion of the tuition will be refunded.