2018 Winter Semester Program

Semester Team

The Winter Semester - a five-month long rigorous expedition, academic and community high school and gap year program. This new and exciting route will allow participants to experience the magic of the artic winter in northern Canada, combined with a spring expedition, traveling the length of Vermont by whitewater canoe, wooden row-boat, and mountain bike. While developing one’s full human potential on a 700-kilometer expedition, students engage in a challenging academic program encompassing humanities, social studies and natural science. While everyone is expected to give 100% to disciplined study, training and work, Kroka respects individual learning differences and is committed to supporting all striving, hard working students, regardless of their learning needs.

In order to sustainably travel on the land in the winter months, the program alternates between several routes to allow for the regeneration of natural resources in the areas we journey through. In 2019, the route will follow Vermont’s Catamount Trail for the entirety of the winter.

Semester Route

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