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School Trips

"The team of guides worked with one another, with me and with the students with uprightness of character, consummate skill, warmth and humor… our guides led by example, patiently, and tirelessly so that students acquired the skills they needed and developed will to do more and more and to work smarter."
Cristina Shiffman, Waldorf School of Philadelphia, Teacher

"The staff were strong, skillful, creative, warm, and caring people… I never felt less than confident that our counselors had the skills and ability to guide us safely through."
Peter Lehman, Kimberton Waldorf School, Teacher

“I chose this trip because I feel that children deserve to feel challenged, and to overcome that challenge. An adventure like this builds confidence and a sense of self. The Kroka staff made me feel 100% confident. It's a big adventure.”
Allison Wall, Upper Valley Waldorf School, Teacher

“It was a remarkable experience for the students, and for myself, as their class teacher. The way it met the students developmental needs was right in-line with the Waldorf curriculum & theory of child development. My students left Kroka with a new understanding for what is REAL. The authentic experience that Kroka provides for young adolescents is just what they need as an antidote to our media-saturated, disheartened world.”
Lisa Walser, Waldorf School of the Peninsula, Teacher

“The food was a wonderful surprise in that there was so much fresh food, it was so delicious, and there was plenty for me and it seemed for all the students as well. The care for the students was palpable, even as they were instructed to take care of the group needs before their own, and asked to confront their own mistakes and failures in a new way”
-Kibby MacKinnon, Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, Teacher

“The staff were outstanding…They were very skilled in shaping an impactful and educational experience for every student. Everyone on the trip seemed to have total trust in the abilities of the instructors to skillfully lead us through any situation.”
-Jake Holden, Cincinnati Waldorf School, Chaperone

“The trip that you all organized & manifested for the Washington Waldorf School’s 8th grade trip was perfect… Delicious food, gorgeous environment, and the most excellent counselors made our 9 days with you unforgettable.”
-Gloria Leon, Class Teacher, Washington Waldorf School

“Your staff and their vision are the key components for our deep commitment to Kroka. They are knowledgeable, kind, responsible, joyous, and dedicated. Each moment the children are in their care is a gift.”
-Suzanne Nakamura, Montclair Cooperative School, Teacher

“Kroka is an exceptional organization and especially suited for Waldorf students.”
-Lori Kran, Cincinnati Waldorf School, Teacher

“Every staff member was warm and caring. I always felt they were confident and had every situation under control. My daughter and I really loved everyone we came in contact with.”
- Paula Bernhardt, Circle of Seasons Charter School, Parent

School Trips


“Kroka, you changed me and made me view the world in a different way.”
-Christopher Brothershire, Student

“For some people, when they think of the word “field trip,” an image of a trip to the zoo or a museum comes to mind: children all in matching clothes with teachers closely chaperoning them at all times. If only they could see Kroka: children not only learning but doing, being free to explore with bare feet, wake up with the sunrise, and sing to the stars.”
-Josie Bicknell, Student

“The sound of the rushing river, the sweet, piney scent of the hobbit holes, and the taste of the kasha will be with me forever.”
-Lucy Jackson, Student


Brooklyn Waldorf School, Cambridge Montessori School, Cincinnati Waldorf School, Circle of Seasons Charter School, Chesterfield Elementary School, Harwood Union High School, Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, Hitchcock Center for the Environment, John D. Perkins Elementary, Kimberton Waldorf School, Lake Champlain Waldorf School, Lexington Montessori School, Live Oak Waldorf School, Making Community Connections Charter School, Marlboro College, Meadowbrook Waldorf School, Monadnock Waldorf School, Montclair Cooperative School, Montessori School of the Berkshires, Orchard Valley Waldorf School, River Valley Waldorf School, Landpoint Waldorf School, Stoddard Elementary School, Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, Upper Valley Waldorf School, Waldorf School of Philadelphia, Washington Waldorf School

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