Our classroom is one without walls where learning is alive and lessons are real.
Our program itineraries reflect over 30 years of experience designing and leading unique wilderness journeys in the United States, Eastern Canada, and Ecuador. Whether participating in life at our base camp or traveling in a handmade Voyageur canoe, on a bicycle, or by snowshoe, a Kroka expedition strengthens the class community and brings academics alive in ways that are not possible in the classroom. Our experienced instructors give students practical tools for sustainable living, while handing them real responsibility and guiding them through a rite of passage in the wilderness.

An Authentic Wilderness Experience
At Kroka, students take responsibility for the work of daily living. They learn the rhythms of making and taking down camp each day. They gather firewood, draw water from the stream, and cook on an open fire. Students learn to tell time by the sun and sleep under the stars at night. Traveling at the pace of the natural world connects students to the earth and gives them greater awareness of their classmates and themselves.

Strengthen Your Class Community
Living and traveling in nature requires commitment and cooperation within the group. As individuals face challenges, they learn to rely on each other and offer one another physical and emotional support. Under the guidance of Kroka staff and the class teacher students become effective communicators and problem solvers, and develop a work ethic. These lessons translate directly into daily life in the classroom.

School Trips

Curriculum Integrated Programs
Homer's Odyssey comes alive as the voice of the teacher is heard amidst the crashing waves on a windswept lake. Epochs of geology are written on the walls of a cave deep underground. Ecology creaks, hoots, and howls when taught in the depths of the forest. We invite you to learn through experience: the new perspectives and skills acquired will live on in each student for years to come.

Tools for Sustainable Living
Wilderness experiences help us to develop a unique perspective on our role as human beings in the modern world. We look at our food and equipment and ask: How can we share these limited resources? We look within our group and ask: What needs to be done? Moving through the landscape as a community, students develop a sense of place that invites appreciation and stewardship for the earth. From the simple pleasures of working with our hands to create food, fuel, and shelter, a sense of purpose and responsibility is born.

Rite of Passage and Empowerment through Adventure
Students experience quiet contemplation, nature observation, and the exhilaration at the top of a rock face and through the rushing rapids of a river. They learn to take risks, share what is in their hearts in an evening circle around the fire, and deepen relationships with their classmates. Students return home from their Kroka experience with newfound confidence and maturity.

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