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What is the KSA?


The Kroka Student Association (KSA) is an alumni-led organization that exists to support Kroka's semester school alumni. By maintaining relationships between semester students after their program is over, the KSA endeavors to make the experience of Kroka more than a semester, but a gateway to a growing community that embodies Kroka's values.

The KSA hosts events at Kroka's campus and elsewhere that allow semester alumni to come together, share skills and stories, and build a stronger network. From time to time, the KSA offers trips exclusive to alumni to renew and practice expedition skills and maintain the spirit of adventure. Examples of past trips include the Groulx Mountains and the Cree village of Ouge-Bougoumou in Canada. The KSA also publishes a bi-annual newsletter and sponsors an online forum.

Who is the KSA?


Kroka alumni are defined as anyone who has completed one or more of Kroka's semester programs. In addition, current and past staff of Kroka Expeditions and alumni of summer programs may be invited as honorary alumni. All Kroka alumni are part of the KSA, however they may opt to become paying members. Membership benefits include a discount at Kroka's store, reduced rates for KSA events and trips, and voting privileges at the annual meeting. The lifetime membership fee is $20.00.

The KSA is run by an elected team of semester alumni who serve a variety of roles.

President: Andy Staudinger, VSP '06

Vice President: Rose Jackson, ESP '14

Treasurer: Paul Lang, VSP '10

Liaison to the Alumni: Andy Staudinger, VSP '06

Liaison to Kroka: Shai Lev, ESP '12


    • The “It’s a Big Deal” Committee - Sends mail to alumni regarding life events. Shai (chair), Molly, Finn
    • Trip Committee - Plans alumni trips - possibly a trip for December 2016. Rose (chair), Tommy, Andy, Shai, Rachel
    • Reunion Organizing Committee - Organized Reunion 2017. Shai (chair), Andy
    • Newsletter. Ari (chair), Armin
    • Semester Outreach Committee - Assists Kroka with Outreach events. Tommy (chair), Rose, Rachel, Shai
    • Skillshare Committee - Plans a 2016 Alumni Skillshare event. Rachel (chair)
    • Transition Committee - Plans transition workshops for semester programs

Useful Links and Information:Alumni

A link to the KSA Forum can be found here*

*The views and opinions expressed on the forum are solely those of the individuals writing them, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the KSA, Kroka Expeditions, its staff, or any of its affiliates.

A copy of our bylaws can be found here. A copy of the minutes from the 2016 Alumni Gathering is here.

For more information about the KSA, or to become a member, contact Anna Soltys Morse, the KSA Liaison to the Alumni: annasoltysmorse@gmail.com

To connect with Kroka Expeditions, contact Antje Hornbeck, Kroka's Outreach Coordinator: outreach@kroka.org.

"Round and round we go, we hold each other's hands and weave our lives in a circle. The day is done, the dance goes on!"


KSA Account

Date Description Amount Ending Balance
7/1/2014 Alumni Fund opened per request of alummni association $0.00
7/16/14 Check 2953 from DeChiara family for balance of KSA funds from Josia $385.00 $385.00
1/15/15 Check 1190 from Meredith Omer family for Meredith Dues $20.00 $405.00
1/3/16 Cash & Checks totalling $200 from Paul Lang & Molly K-C at Alumni Reunion $200.00 $605.00
4/1/16 PAYMENT to SHAI for printing costs $46.00 $559.00