Here are some important guidelines
for visiting, camping, touring, and volunteering.

Type of visit Who are you? Our Guidelines
Friends, family, potential students, curious passers-by! You want to stop by for a few hours for a tour or just to say hello. Come anytime: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday,
or at 11:30 AM on any summer weekend!
If possible, please let us know in advance of your plans to visit, as we will want to greet you and give you a guided tour. NOTE: You must check-in with the office staff upon your arrival.
OVERNIGHT CAMPING Families and friends of current Kroka staff and students who are passing through the area or coming to Kroka for a program start and would like to spend the night. Please call our office to make a reservation for a campsite in our family camp area.
We offer water, firewood, a composting toilet, and several comfortable tent sites. You are welcome to use Kroka hiking trails and swim in the pond! Please check-in with the office upon your arrival. NOTE: We are sorry but we cannot provide meals, showers, telephone or internet access.
SEMESTER ALUMNI Graduates of any Kroka Semester Program who would like to come to visit and/or volunteer. Welcome home! You will especially enjoy coming to a Kroka semester reunion, usually held during the first week of January each winter. You will also enjoy coming to semester graduation celebrations, typically in December and June. If you want to come and stay overnight during the summer months, we ask that you write to us at least one month in advance to schedule your visit.
NOTE: We ask that temporary volunteers in the summertime commit to a full week of work, arriving on Sunday morning and departing on Saturday at noon.
Children up to 17 years of age who want to come visit or volunteer at Kroka for a few days or a few weeks... We are sorry but we cannot accommodate young overnight visitors. Instead, please come with your parents to one of our volunteer workdays, or better yet, register for one of our many excellent programs for young people!
ADULT VOLUNTEERS, INTERNS/ APPRENTICES Adults 18+ years of age who want to come to be at Kroka as farm, facilities, or kitchen support... At times there are opportunities for mature hard-working volunteers and apprentices, especially in the kitchen and on the farm. Please contact us at least one month in advance to see if your skills match our current needs.