Safety at Kroka

Safe Programs, Strong Minds

When safety decisions are rooted in fear, the experience of participants is marginalized. When safety decisions are rooted in conviction that healthy risk taking is necessary for the development of capable human beings, they open doors for invention, creativity, and sound risk management practices.

Culture of Healthy Risk

We begin with the fundamental belief that healthy risk taking is essential for the development of capable Human Beings. We make sure that participating families and organizations share in this fundamental belief. Based on this shared value we develop trust and support between Kroka, its semester, summer, and school participants, families and participating organizations.

Professional and Diverse Staff Community

It is not often you find professional climbers, mountaineers, and paddlers choosing to work with children and youth. Yet, at Kroka, the international staff community brings to students a wealth of experience gained from challenging expeditions and teaching, guiding and traveling in extreme environments throughout the world. One of the core values of Kroka staff is to “walk our talk.” When we are not working with students, we venture into the wildest places on Earth to challenge ourselves, and then in turn bring these new experiences to our students.

Adventure Race

Rigorous and On-Going Staff Training

Four weeks of spring staff training are followed by two weeks of summer training and culminate with a fall Adventure Race and an end of the season training expedition.

Meeting and EXCEEDING Industry standards

As one of fifty leading schools in the nation, Kroka is accredited by the Association for the Experiential Education, which maintains the highest Risk Management Standards for its members. Not only is every staff member at Kroka certified as a Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness Life Guard; we re-certify every other year, exceeding the certification standards. Many staff are certified by the American Canoe Association and the Professional Climbing Guides Institute or American Mountain Guides Association. Kroka maintains affiliations, memberships and permit agreements with many governmental and independent groups; including Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont Guides Association, Maine Wilderness Guides Association, Vermont Cavers Association, Maine Island Trail Association, Catamount Trail Association and Lake Champlain Committee.

Risk Management Committee

Our Risk Management Committee is comprised of Industry Experts who help steer Kroka’s safety practices. All incidents are carefully recorded and analyzed and policies are revised based on the best available field data.

Development of an Intuitive Guide

At the heart of Kroka’s Risk Management is the practice and philosophy of an Intuitive Guide, rooted in the Four Core Principles:

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