Association for Experiential Education

In November of 2013 Kroka Expeditions became one of the fifty schools accredited internationally by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) . This accreditation is based on compliance with AEE's high standards addressing philosophical, educational and ethical principles, program governance, program oversight and management of activities, human resources (faculty and staff selection, hiring, training and supervision), transportation, equipment, nutrition and hygiene, venue selection and appropriateness, international considerations, environment and culture, and land and water based technical activities. Attaining accredited status through the AEE accreditation program is solid evidence of an organization’s commitment to quality and safety, belief in professional standards, and allocation of resources toward continued excellence and improvement. Programs that achieve AEE accreditation can be confident that they meet or exceed recognized industry standards.

“AEE is truly proud to add Kroka Expeditions to our growing list of accredited programs. The integrity of the organization and the quality of their programming is exceptional. Knowing that Kroka meets the highest standards in the field of experiential education should give tremendous confidence to their participants, parents, staff, and supporters.” - Shawn Tierney, AEE Director of Accreditation.

From AEE's Accreditation Report:

Environmental Ethics/Awareness/Intentional Lifestyle

The faculty and staff at Kroka walk the talk. Many outdoor organizations have an environmental consciousness, but at Kroka they act on it and live it. They have thoughtfully looked at how they can live and teach a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while living and travelling in a wilderness setting. Their choices of food, clothing, craftsmanship and so many other aspects of daily life permeate the organization.

This thoughtfulness extends to how they interact with one another and the consideration they extend to all who are involved in the program. Every staff person encountered was pleasant with a modesty and humility that was refreshing. In an industry where people tend to brag of their accomplishments climbing or paddling and so often have oversized egos, the Kroka staff go about their work with an unassuming professionalism.


The grounds of Kroka and the collection of structural enhancements is impressive, not merely for the energy required to build and maintain, but more so for the care, design, artistry and functionality that is evident throughout. What they do, is clearly secondary to how they do it. And this too is consistent with their program.

Senior Staff and Semester Teachers

Simply put, a dedicated and intelligent crew. They care about what they do and are genuinely interested in improvement. Notable, is the easygoing manner in which they work with students. They treat them with respect and this in turn is paid back to them. All staff encountered were very helpful and forthright with information. High marks for integrity.

The cultural diversity of the staff and students in the Ecuador Semester program provides for a rich source of learning. The impact of this on the entire group cannot be overstated.

What is AEE?

The Association for Experiential Education is a professional membership association based in Boulder, Colorado. The mission of AEE is to develop and promote experiential education. While AEE was founded in the mid-1970s, its accreditation arm came into being in the early 1990s. Since then, the AEE accreditation program’s standards-based evaluation process by objective, independent reviewers has become the industry-accepted level of professional evaluation for experiential education programs.