How to apply for a position at Kroka:

1. Learn about Kroka:
Kroka is a unique organization: we have strong values, a rigorous community work ethic and high expectations for the quality of our work. This lifestyle is not suited for everyone, so please try to learn as much as possible about us before investing your time in the hiring process.
Study our published handbooks, semester blogs, photos & videos.

If it is convenient, stop by for a visit!

Speak to any Kroka people (staff/alumni/board members) whom you may know.
2. Contact us!
We’d love to hear from you.
Choose whatever method works best for you:
CLICK HERE to Inquire & Apply Online

Send us an email:
Send us some postal mail:
767 Forest Road, Marlow NH 03456
Call Us   (603) 835-9087
3. The Hiring Process: What to expect

Application Questions
Our online application has a few places for you to write to us about your values, skills, and experience.
Our online application also has the option to submit attached files. Submit whatever you would like us to see! When appropriate, we may require that you include a resume, expedition log, portfolio, and/or letters of recommendation.
Prospective Staff Trip:
At certain times of the year, we may invite prospective staff to come to our campus and spend a few days working and adventuring with us.
Face-to-face Interview:
We almost always require a face-to-face interview before hiring. Sometimes we have been able to conduct this interview remotely using “Skype” or “Google Chat”.
If you are new to our community, we will need to speak to someone who knows you well.
3. Decision Making & Commitment
Once these steps are complete, we will make a final decision about your application.If we are able to offer you position, we will email or send you an agreement form which will specify the dates and terms of your position. Your commitment to honoring the specified dates is critical to our work, as we are planning programs and registering students who will be counting on a team to make their experience possible.