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AT KROKA FARM, apprentices have a unique opportunity to learn about organic and biodynamic farming, work with students in a farm setting, and live in a robust intentional community of exceptional young people.
Schedule Full season: April 19 - October 31
Summer season: June 1 - August 31

Learning the trade
  • Working side by side with experienced and dedicated farmers on a working educational farm
  • Dairy - milking, yogurt and cheese making, holistic small-herd management
  • Poultry - sustainable egg production, humane practices, and rotational flock grazing
  • Draft horse work
  • Fruit and vegetable gardening - growing a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables for our community of 100 people using organic and biodynamic practices including processing and preserving the harvest
Gaining teaching experience
  • Working with 800 students over the course of the growing season during morning chores, farm work projects, and specific farm programs and camps
  • Observing experienced educators
  • Receiving feedback from mentors and developing effective teaching styles
Developing perspective
  • Monthly work visits to a diversity of progressive farms in Vermont and New Hampshire
  • Weekly class with focus on biodynamic agriculture, homesteading, sustainability, and re-connecting to the earth and all living things while developing an understanding and intention of healing the land and preserving it for future generations
Community living
  • Sharing a canvas wall tent set amidst the Kroka staff village
  • Developing personal living habits in harmony with the natural world
  • Opportunity to participate in paddling, climbing, hiking, and other adventure and wilderness skills training with Kroka guides
Your mentors You will work alongside Kroka farmers, Lynne Boudreau and Silvano Biffis, as well as guest teachers.
Stipend and benefits In addition to a stipend of $100 per week, apprentices receive delicious meals and comfortable eco-housing on the Kroka campus, and invaluable educational experiences.